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When you have allergies, having an EpiPen on you is a must. But they aren’t really stylish. So I decided to check out some really cool Epipen cases for kids that you can have your EpiPen with you without it looking un-cool.


Cute Large Capacity Cool Canvas Pencil Case Pen Bag Astronaut Student Black

Get ready to blast off in style with this cool astronaut epi pen holder!! I adore this case because it looks really 3D!!! Don’t you think?!?!

Lovely Puppy Kitty Print Pencil Bags Floral Pen Case Canvas Soft Kids Classroom Stationary Pouch

Awwwwwww…. Aren’t these puppies and kitties adorable?!?! Let these furry friends carry around your epi. These are just soooooo cute and just the right amount of sweetness!!!!

This is a pencil case but it easily holds an Epipen.

cat epipen case

Funny Awesome Epic Face Printing Pen Bag Stationery Pouch Cosmetic Bags Pencil Holder Makeup Bag Cylindrical Purse

Look at this awesome epic epi holder!!!!!! You are the coolest kid in school walking in the halls with this retro case!!!! I just want to LOL whenever I see this funny face!!!!!!! This one is a pencil case but it easily holds an Epipen too.

TAWA Insulin Cooler Travel Case with 2 Ice Pack and Insulation Liner Working Time for 4-7 Hours(Light Blue)

Pretty patterns all up in the amazing epi pen bag!!! Has several compartments for extra items!!! Talk about storage!!!!!!!!!! I love this one because the extra compartments will definitely come in handy!!

Allermates Children’s Medical Allergy Kids Carrying Case for EpiPen® or Auvi-Q®, and Benydryl NO BELT

Take a peek at these cool creatures on this busy bag!!!! These crazy creatures are really cool to look at while carrying your epi-pen!!!! I think it’s a fun and unique pattern!!! Don’t you?

PracMedic- EpiPen Carrying Case or Insulin Case – Premium Quality with YKK Zipper – fits Epi-Pens

Wow! This loud and bright epi pen holder will brighten your day whenever you look at it! You will for sure get lots of compliments on your amazing sense of style!!!

Rescue Shot Case™ Epipen Case (Green)

Just a plain green epi pen case to blend in casually!!! I love this one because the other ones we looked at are big, bold and bright and this one is simple and unique in its own sense of style!!!!!

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