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Going to an unfamiliar friend’s house can be scary if they aren’t aware of  how to deal with allergies. Here are some of my special tips for this occasion:

  1. Have your parent call your friend’s house a couple days before you go over to explain your allergy and concern about cross contamination
  2. Ask your doctor for a trainer epi pen so whoever is dropping you off demonstrate to the person supervising you
  3. It’s okay to pack your own snacks for the time that you are there
  4. Show them where your epi located in your bag
  5. Wear your medical alert bracelet, and if you don’t have one YOU NEED TO GET ONE!!!!!!
  6. Have your parents print out a list of things to do if you are in anaphylactic shock and have emergency numbers printed out along with it
  7. If you have air-born allergies take something before you go, be proactive!!
  8. YOU need to be responsible person, if they serve something you haven’t eaten before check the ingredient list and if you’re not sure do not put it in your mouth!!

Going to a friends house the first time, can be a little uneasy when you have allergies, but by following these tips and thinking things through you will have a blast with your new friend!